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Scanmarker USB
System features 
 Conection USB/BluetoothUSB
 CompatibilityMac, Win
 Translation languages78
 Interface language16
 TTS -text to speechYes
Standard features 
 Update continuousYes
 Embedded dictionaryNo
 StorageOn the user’s device
 Shareable scansNo
 Import ScanNo
 Interface / UILocal App Desktop
 AUDIOYes, on the device used
 Text EditOnly on external scan
 TTS on one word lineYes
 External scanYes
Accessibility features 
 Change Voices2
 Change font sizeNo
 Change TTS SpeedYes
 Learning modeNo
 Sync with all platformsNo
 Assistive ModeNo
Other Features 
 Scan BarcodeYes
 Scan NumbersYes
 Scan Image/HandwriteYes

Scanmarker USB

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