MyLink is the latest venture from a series of other successful ones tracing it’s origins back to the early eighties. The chain started with Datalink Computers which in turn evolved into Link Electronics and later to Link2000. MyLink is the offspring of the latter and our mission is to continue improving our services and quality products supply.

With a history behind our backs of well over 30 years of successful operations, we are one of the oldest established computer retail and support companies on the Island. With MyLink Enterprises Ltd, we will be striving to keep up to our excellent reputation which keeps our clients coming back time after time to avail themselves of our friendly service and supply.

Our products range from the simplest computer accessory to complex computer networks. We are also very selective in what we offer our clients, and only offer the best products and top brands currently on the market at the best possible price. We strive to keep the latest technology offered world-wide available and displayed at our retail shop…….where we look forward to meet you!

Honest Services

We will keep you updated on your ongoing repairs at our labs. We will only suggest the best possible solutions that really suit you.

Quick Repair

We will do our utmost to get you going again in the least possible time.

On time delivery

We strive to keep our delivery promises and appointments. We will constantly update you on the status of your delivery or appointment.

We are pasionate

We are passionate about our jobs and take pride in delivering an excellent and satisfactory service. If in any way you are not satisfied please do speak to us we will be more than happy to listen.